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I'm curious about what people would like to see in a raw vegan restaurant.

My own "checklist":

Reasonable prices. This is a big problem with raw food restaurants ATM. "Reasonable" here means a satisfying meal for <$10.
Veganically grown produce, where possible.
Casual atmosphere. No yuppie self-affirmation vibes (*cough* Euphoria Loves Rawvolution *cough* Cafe Gratitude).
Loads of books available for anyone to read at any time.
A stage for bands, DJs and guest speakers.
A back area for impromptu meetings and conferences.
No honey. This one should be self explanatory.
No cooked food. Cooked vegan food is great... for a cooked vegan restaurant, and generally those already exist in the cities that have raw restaurants. It smacks of desperation to see raw joints re-inventing themselves as "fusions" of the two, when they generally can't even master the one.

So basically a coffeehouse/kick ass raw restaurant in one. ^^ That's my rant, and maybe one day I'll put my money where my mouth is...
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"(Jared) Diamond has written that the notion of man the hunter is a romantic myth: “big-game hunting added little to our food intake until after we had evolved fully modern anatomy and behavior.”

Instead, our earliest ancestors lived on the wild fruit, nuts, seeds and tubers that they gathered. Mr. Diamond puts it succinctly: “I doubt the usual view that hunting was the driving force behind our uniquely human brain and societies. For most of our history, we were not mighty hunters but rather sophisticated baboons.”

And what food makes up the bulk of baboon diet? Fruit, of course; so for most of their history, humans were fruitarians." - Rynn Berry, Answers about the vegan lifestyle in new york
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Hello all,

I am not sure if the intent of this community is to be geared more towards raw vegan discussion rather than recipe sharing. So I went ahead and made a community for just recipes, all recipes, all the time (however, both cooked and raw vegan recipes are welcome here):

[community profile] vegan_recipes

I hope to see you (and your recipes) there!

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Greetings fellow raw vegans! Please join & introduce yourself or post recipes, etc!

Read the community info for further information.


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